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Radon Mitigators
Why partner with RadonReporting.com?
You're in the business of helping customers, and we're in the business of helping you! At RadonReporting.com we strive to develop and provide tools that will aid you in your goal of providing world-class service to each and every one of your clients. Not only can our service save you time and money, but we can also improve your efficiency, allowing you to expand your operations and help even more individuals!

Also, when you are partnered with RadonReporting.com, visitors to our website will be able to find your business listed in our mitigator directory which will allow them to begin the process of requesting mitigation for their property.
What do we provide?
RadonReporting.com provides a variety of on-line tools that will allow you to completely manage your radon testing business. Everything in the site is inter-connected to provide you a seamless operating experience.
  • Customer Management: We provide complete customer management including the ability to link multiple property locations to a single master customer record. You have the ability to add/edit/delete records as needed, and convenient search abilities are also included.
  • Mitigation Results: Our robust mitigation reporting system provides for detailed analysis of the system as well as the inclusion of unlimited photos.
  • Calendar: Our calendar allows you to schedule all of your employees in a single, easy-to-use interface. For your field agents, the daily calendar also calculates driving times between appointments, allowing you to better plan each individual schedule.
  • Reporting: Because we know that each individual has their own needs and desires, we've provided a robust reporting mechanism that allows instant access to a wide variety of data within the system. In fact, you can even customize your own reports on the fly. If you need it, we can get it for you!
  • Flexibility: Although RadonReporting is an integrated product, we've tried to incorporate flexibility into the overall design. There are a variety of features that you can customize to your own particular way of doing business. Have an idea? Let us know. If we can make it work, we'll try to modify the system to accomodate your special requests. We're here to serve you and are happy to consider any innovations that you request.
    Is it expensive?
    At RadonReporting.com, we strive to provide a quality array of business tools for a very affordable price. It's our desire that our service not cost you a penny, but rather that it earn money for your business. How can we do this? By helping you save money on administrative tasks and increase efficiency of your operational tasks which in turn allows you to increase gross revenue. We've had radon testing providers see results of up to a 50% increase in workload just through implementation of our system, and we're confident that with our system our radon mitigation clients will be equally well served.

    At the end of the day you just need to see the numbers. How much will it cost? Our service is available for as low as $69 per month

    That's right. Just $69 per month will provide access for one user to every feature of the system and will have the potential of increasing your business by up to 50% or more. It's an investment you simply can't afford not to make. Need more users? Not a problem. For just $89 per month you can receive unlimited access for up to 3 employees. Need more users? Just contact us for more information. Pay only for what you need because you are in control. There are no hidden fees and no surprises. We're keeping it simple so that you can focus on your main priority -- meeting the needs of your customers.
    Why not take part in a free trial?
    That's right, it's FREE. We're so confident that you'll come to love RadonReporting.com that we're willing to let you try it for FREE for one month. In the unlikely event that you decide it's not for you, you need not do anything. Your account will be automatically cancelled at the end of the first month and you'll owe us nothing. We don't ask for any credit card information up front, so there's no risk to you. However, if you've decided that you simply can't live without all the great features of RadonReporting.com, then before the end of the free trial month you can request to enroll in our monthly plan and your service will continue uninterrupted. If you want to improve your effeciency and expand your business, now is the perfect time and this is the perfect way!

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